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Uses for Count On It®

Count On It® for Food

There are various uses for Count On It® day dot labels. From pasta sauces to babies’ milk, there are so many items that can easily expire without us realising and then go completely to waste. Please see below the list of typical food stuff that Count On It® can be used for.

  • pasta sauces
  • mayonnaise
  • deli goods (pesto, olives etc)
  • dressings
  • chutney sauces
  • batch freezing fresh produce
  • stored leftovers
  • baby food
  • baby milk
  • batch freezing baby weaning purees
  • homemade soups, stock and sauces
  • homemade yoghurts and icecreams
  • meat
  • fish
  • dairy products

Count On It® for Non-Food Items

Of course, Count On It® can be used on lots of items that are not to be ingested. So many products that we use daily have a shelf life that must be adhered to or else they could become redundant, and even harmful. See below a list of non-food items that you can use Count On It® for:
  • medication and vitamins
  • contact lens solutions
  • eye drops
  • air purifier filters
  • water filters       
  • compost caddy filters
  • cookerhood filters  – the list is endless.

Count On It® food labels can be used on all types of packaging including glass, cardboard, plastic and metal and comes in a handy, recyclable dispenser designed to sit in your fridge – ready for use.

Count On It® food labels are sourced and designed with the environment in mind and are made in the UK. Learn more about us and our products.

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Count On It® Safety

Although Count On It was inspired by busy mums and therefore designed primarily for a domestic setting, this product can be used commercially as well. The simple scratch off design allows you to etch in the date that the product was opened, therefore providing clear indication as to when it may expire. Read more about this in the press. Safety is the key concern of our products at Count On It, with the aim to reduce ingestion or use of any expired products that could be harmful. 

As safety is a top priority for Count On It, we have implemented only the most advanced and reliable health and safety technology in our head office and warehouse such as our top of the range CO2 meter and innovative smoke alarm system. 

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