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Talking easy, eco green – leftovers with Jim Davies on BBC Radio Leicester

Talking easy, eco green – leftovers with Jim Davies on BBC Radio Leicester

Did you hear me on Jim Davies morning show on BBC Radio Leicester? I was invited to talk easy eco, green cooking tips with Jim and a listener, Judith, who only eats vegetables she has grown in her garden, to help keep her grocery bills down.

Talking about vegetables and getting the most out of our food, always brings us round to leftovers – something I absolutely love to talk about (and eat!). But as Jim pointed out, it’s not always easy to eat fresh produce in time, plus conjuring up a meal from leftovers can sometimes leave us scratching our heads.

So to help us all get the most out of our food, whilst saving time, money, waste and energy, I have put together my top 5 products, plus I’ve posted links to some fabulous websites that’ll get you out of those leftover menu dilemmas.

  1. Whirlpool WBC 3546 A+ NFCW Frost Free Fridge Freezer 6th Sense White
    – your food storage best friend. Perfect for lengthening food storage times and ideal when batch cooking
  2. Lock & Lock Food Storage Set 7 Piece
    – not only are these fantastic for bulk cooking, they are perfect for keeping the portions right – no need to over cook, or over eat!
  3. Tier Stainless Steel Multi Steamer Pan
    – fantastic for keeping in the nutrients in your food, plus they use less energy (3 vegetables can be cooked simultaneously on one ring)
  4. Storage labels – ideal for keeping track on how long your food has been stored, plus they also show you when it has to be eaten by. No guessing or waste
    – fruit and vegetable storage bags keep food fresher for longer, ensuring you have plenty of time to eat them up.

For some brilliantly practical leftover recipes, visit:


Want to know what vegetables are in season, check out:


Have lots of ’spare’ land or want to find an allotment, visit:


I’d love to hear what your favourite easy eco cooking/storge saviours are, plus how do you get the most from your food. Do leave your comments below.

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