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Marco meets Martin – Turkey, the versatile, all year round dinner winner

Marco meets Martin – Turkey, the versatile, all year round dinner winner

Unlike other meats, Turkey has the dubious honour of being primarily associated with Christmas and is usually not considered by many, beyond then. Most families rush out to buy it for the big day, then complain incessantly about the quantity of leftovers that remain.

Now I think this is a great shame and fortunately I am not alone, charismatic top chef, Marco Pierre White has joined forces with Bernard Matthew’s Farms to try and change the British public’s perception of this fantastic bird and to get us eating turkey all year round by changing our meat not our menu.

In Bernard Matthews Farms latest advert you’ll see Spandau Ballet’s (and my favourite) Martin Kemp join Marco for an unscripted lunchtime meal. As you’ll see from the advert, Martin immediately exclaims ‘Turkey, why is it Christmas?’ as his meal was served. However, as Marco points out, turkey is a superb all year round meat, not only is it delicious, it is low in saturated fat, high in protein and is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Martin then comments on how, when his wife cooks it, it is always too dry, but as Marco eloquently puts it ‘It’s never the turkey – always the cook’ – to which Martin quips back ‘What, are you having a go at my wife?’

What I really love about turkey, aside from the fact that it is a healthy alternative to other meats, is the fact that it is brilliantly versatile.

As an absolute fan of getting the most value out of our food, turkey can be used in a variety of different ways and there is always a great recipe for the leftovers. For example, a cooked turkey is perfect for a Sunday lunch, the leftover cold meat can then be used in a salad or sandwiches the following day (think how much money you’ll save by not purchasing shop bought lunches). If you have any more leftovers remaining, simply make a quick and easy stir-fry or curry, just chop up the vegetables you want, then throw in the leftover turkey – delicious.

So that’s at least 3 meals you’ve had from the one bird – you can’t get much better value for money than that. Don’t forget, to keep track on how long you’ve had your leftovers in the fridge!

To find out all of the other ways in which you can make a simple meal time switch when using turkey, check out their recipe website http://changeyourmeatnotyourmenu.co.uk/

If roasts aren’t you thing, Bernard Matthews also have a whole range of other turkey products, something for everyday of the week – all with no artificial colours and flavours, for more information check out their website www.bernardmatthewsfarms.com

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