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Frozen Pollack – the easy eco, sustainable alternative to cod

Frozen Pollack – the easy eco, sustainable alternative to cod

As you will recall, in my previous blog post ‘Frozen Fish Fights Waste’ I shared with you the many eco benefits of buying sustainable frozen fish, following growing public interest as a result of Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight week with Hugh Fearnley-Whittinghstall.

Convenient, great value, fresher than fresh, less wastage and with a lower carbon footprint, these are just a few reasons why frozen fish is a busy mum’s naturally perfect, healthy and nutritious ingredient for family meal times.

Now, as promised, I am going to share with you the fantastic frozen fish treats that I’ve made using the wonderful fishy fayre that I’ve been kindly sent by TheNewIceAge.com and The Fish Society. Here is my first ‘new’ fish dish.


Pollack is a member of the tasty cod family, but unlike so many native fish, it is in plentiful supply.

My pollack came direct from Cornwall, portioned by the fish guy himself, the Fish Society even guarantee that ‘if you find a bone in them, he (the fish guy) will eat his hat’!

Luckily for him (and his hat) there were absolutely no bones in the fish at all and I prepared my pollack with a simple mixture of lemon zest, juice and mayonnaise, with shallots and thyme and grilled them for about 10 minutes.

The pollack was delicious, served with rice and steamed vegetables this meal was super quick, light and tasty. Our young boys really enjoyed it too, especially with the sweetness of the lemon and mild flavour of the fish. They also loved the fact that there were no bones in it, something that often puts young ones off fish.

As well as being sustainable and less expensive than cod, the other great benefits of pollack is that it is lower in cholestrol, it is lean protein, perfect for building muscles and is lower in calories.

So why not give frozen pollack a try? It is simple to store and cook, is convenient, easy to maintain portion control and is great value – a super-savvy household’s dream ingredient. What’s more, as a special exclusive offer to my readers, The Fish Society have kindly agreed to give a £10 discount on all orders over £65 – just type in the code ICEAGE when you visit their website: www.thefishsociety.co.uk

The next dish I will be cooking will include mussels, this time using the recipe that Jamie Oliver featured as part of the Big Fish Fight – Creamy mussels with smoky bacon and cider.

Until then, what new fish recipes have your tried, have you given frozen fish a try and if so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your recipes and comments.

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