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Energyrethinking.org – Save energy at home – recycle

Energyrethinking.org – Save energy at home – recycle

This month I have written a blog post for www.energyrethinking.org about the importance of recycling and although as a nation we are improving, lots more needs to be done.

But rather than just explain the benefits of recycling, which you can find on many fantastically helpful and practical sites, e.g. www.Recyclenow.com, www.recycle.co.uk. I have shared products and ideas that I have found which take recycling one step further

Here’s the post if you missed it: http://www.energyrethinking.org/earth-mummy

Now you’ve read it you may be wondering where you can find out about these products, well here they are:

Eco Hen Ark
Raised garden beds
– Chic Water tanks and Garden bird feeders – both designed by Claire Potter Design

So when you decide to buy (well, why wouldn’t you?) please don’t forget to tell them that you heard about them from The Queen of Easy Green.

Have fun and happy recycling!

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