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Save you time, Effort, Money & waste.

Just peel, stick, scratch and track

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The new, scratch-off food freshness label-designed to save you time, effort, money and waste.

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Count On It®

Just peel, stick, scratch and track – Count On It® to remind you.

Count On It®​

Count On It® is an easy to use, affordable to buy, versatile, scratch-off food freshness label that tells you at a glance if you food is still fresh and safe to eat, or if it should be thrown away. All you need to know about us and our product is that we want to make life easier for you.

Count On It® simply, yet effectively helps you track how long food has been stored, so you can get the most out of the product secure in the knowledge it is fresh and safe to eat, whilst reducing unnecessary food waste and your grocery bills. It has received a lot of attention in the press due to it’s various uses.

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What clients say

About Count On It®

"I love giving Alexa fresh, wholesome food but a lot of the time I forget when I opened the jar of pasta sauce or carton of fruit juice – these labels are brilliant as reminders ... I’m beginning to wonder how I ever managed without them”.
Amanda Holden
Actress and Presenter of Britain’s Got Talent
“Busy mums will know how easy it can be to forget how long food has been stored and with these labels you can be certain if it is still fresh and safe to eat - no need to worry or to throw away perfectly decent food."
Angela Griffin
Actress, Host of Sky One's 'Angela and friends'
"I'm very pleased with my buy and will tell my friends about them - they are such a good idea. I have just completed my Food Safety level 2 training (I'm a registered childminder) and they will certainly help me ensure I have no out of date food."
“Count On It® to save you time, effort, money and waste.”

How Does It Works

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Count On It® self-adhesive stickers feature scratch off panels which allow consumers to mark on the date the product was first opened, stored or frozen. So when you return to it a couple of days later you know exactly how long it’s been open and will know if it is safe to eat without worrying or needlessly throwing away perfectly edible food. We have extensive experience in the food industry and our products have been developed in accordance with cdisc standards thanks to help from out 3rd party data developers.

Count On It® ensures you get the most out your products and reduces edible food waste. Designed to sit in your fridge, Count On It® labels are ideal for the fridge and freezer, for everything from dairy products and leftovers to baby food and batch freezing.

  • Is easy to use
  • Removes confusion over an opened products’ freshness
  • To assist you in managing your food safely
  • Reduces unnecessary food waste
  • Prompts you to use products in date order
  • Encourages you to eat products at their prime
  • Ideal for use on leftovers
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